Xtype Media, a New Jersey based design and development freelance group. Working in the fields of Web design, social media deployment, social media organization, application design, custom solutions, consultations, and much more!


Not only are we developers for our clients but we also produce products and projects for ourselves. We like to try out new strategies and deploy new methods prior to providing them to our clients. We test all of our methods in some form of sandbox environment. At times we make those environments available to our clients and the outside public.

Web design and development is only a portion of what we do for our clients. A lot of times it starts with one service and quickly our clients sign on for others as well. Recently, we have expanded from basic web design and development to enhanced management solutions for social media networks. The social media craze is at an all time high. Many of our clients have come to us and expressed interest in social media management. Therefore, we now offer an affordable monthly management solution to handle social media networks. Consultation is available to our clients whether it is a major decision or just inquiring about a simple method. We cover all aspects of design, development, implementation, and maintenance.

From web design, web development, desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications (mobile apps), custom scripting, consultation, and to social media management we strive to make a difference. One of our main development objectives is to provide and develop systems for first responders. Xtype Media salutes all first responders and military personnel and has started to focus a community initiative to research, develop, and deploy systems to make programs efficient for those men and women who risk their lives every day.

It only takes a moment to send us your information to inquire about our services that we offer. So do not wait until last minute and reserve a development spot today! All projects are booked and organized on a first-come and first-serve basis and will only be officially reserved once an initial deposit is received.


eLifeLine911 - emergency medical dispatch guidecards for first responders developed by Xtype Media
FindBBMFriends - an online social community to connect BBM users developed by Xtype Media