Xtype Media, a New Jersey based design and development freelance group. Working in the fields of Web design, social media deployment, social media organization, application design, custom solutions, consultations, and much more!


Our portfolio is distinguished to say the least, providing clients with satisfaction and professional solutions for the last seven years. From large corporations with multimillion dollars, to your mom and pop or family-run businesses, and to the personal individual looking for an identity on the web. We have been privileged enough to be a part of their journey. Across the country to around the world, many clients had made the choice to use the services we provide hassle-free.

Whether it was corporate or personal objectives we have provided our clients with professional, reliable, and affordable solutions to their needs. We take our time and work with our clients to develop not only a product or service but a lasting relationship.

Chances are you found your way here and to us, we do not advertise our services besides from the optional small bottom right-hand corner text that reads "developed by…" Therefore, you have come here under the impression we know our stuff and what we can do.

We are not here to "WOW" you in our portfolio section with stock photos or photo-shopped pictures of web sites, desktop applications, web applications, or mobile applications that we have created. We are here to provide you the opportunity to join our exclusive list of clients who had their own stories of success through the services we had provided to them. After all, you have most likely been referred to us by one of our clients.

Contact us today by using our contact form, we will set you up and get you started hassle-free. Your time is valuable as ours is to us. We will not bombard you with multiple phone calls or "follow-up" questions because we rather spend that time staying focused and dedicated to the tasks at hand, OUR SOLUTIONS FOR OUR CLIENTS


Xtype Media, We promise to deliver the highest level of client satisfaction and ensure quality solutions, in a cost-effective manner.