Xtype Media, a New Jersey based design and development freelance group. Working in the fields of Web design, social media deployment, social media organization, application design, custom solutions, consultations, and much more!


Xtype Media, Web applications, and application development. We promise to deliver the highest level of client satisfaction and ensure quality solutions, in a cost-effective manner.


We build custom applications desktop and web-based solutions to meet your needs or the needs of your clients. We offer premium support and online assistance to ensure that your application remains in working condition. All custom applications for the most part consist of some type of data storage such as a database or file system. Each application is developed and designed to be cost-effective and deployed within a proper environment to achieve maximum results. Finally, the most important component of our entire desktop or web applications is that of a simple, straight-forward, and easy to navigate user interface.

When you are ready feel free to contact us for more information and development consultation before starting your desktop or web-based application. We will help you formulate a plan from development to deployment (start to finish) and further provide you with a solution to help attain your goals. Together we can set a list of objectives and make sure that by the time your application leaves our hands and is deployed that there will be no "OPPS", "Oh yea we forgot about that", "Oh we thought you wouldn't notice", or "We can't do that."

Take the time and let us help you do it right the first time, but before we can help, it takes you to inquire with us about your next application.