Xtype Media, a New Jersey based design and development freelance group. Working in the fields of Web design, social media deployment, social media organization, application design, custom solutions, consultations, and much more!


Xtype Media, We promise to deliver the highest level of client satisfaction and ensure quality solutions, in a cost-effective manner.


Xtype Media brings to the table a list of services for every individual and company to take advantage of at affordable and competitive prices. The design team is a group of multi-talented individuals with an abundance of experience in the fields of web design, application development, social media, social networking, graphic design, multimedia design and computer-aided (CAD) design just to name a few! Furthermore each member of the design team here at Xtype Media is dedicated to providing you, potential and returning clients the satisfaction and ease that your project will be completed accurately and on time.

Trusting a stranger to handle your business, organization or personal web site, projects, promotional material or other involvement is a major step in itself. We have had many clients come to us AFTER a so-called "web designer" or "developer" took their hard earned money and either produce no or unsatisfactory results.

We let you decide who you feel comfortable with, we do not need to sell you on a fancy website, lively presentation, or promises or unicorns and fairy-tale characters. You make the decision! You make the choice! You take control on how you wish to push foward into the future of your endeavour!